I wanna be your “1am I can’t sleep” text
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6-11, 59-66

Have You Ever:

6. Dated someone twice: Yeah

7. Been cheated on: Yup

8. Self harmed: Nah

9. Lost someone special: Today yeah

10. Been depressed: Who hasn’t?

11. Been drunk and threw up: Only threw up once

Right Now:

59. Eating: I’m not eating anything atm

60. Drinking: Naked Berry Blast

61. I’m about to: Go to bed

62. Listening to: Pandora

63. Waiting for: the end of this survey

Your Future:

64. Want kids? Yes

65. Get married? Of course

66. Career: PA/Fireman

rip my baby. four years wasn’t nearly enough time with you, my heart is crumbling. eat all the honey you can up there.

…And please remember that you were beautiful before he told you that you were.
Thank you so much for this
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You dont kno it yet but we guna get married & ull have my babies :* <3 (:

Umm okay? Lol who is this?


do you just stare at someone’s lips & get a massive urge to just make out with them.

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do ur nipples ever bleed when u go run

Yeah it hurts like a bitch. I usually just put a bandaid over them before I go

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do you like seafood?

Besides shrimp and fish and those alike, not really. I’m not into cracking shit open so I can eat their flesh or slurping up oysters.

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